Welcome Message from Your Instructor: Chandler Coyle

Hi, everyone!

My name is Chandler Coyle and I will be your instructor over the next few months. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get to know all of you.  It will be an honor to help you learn all about the course material. 

First, a little about who I am. I have been a music business instructor at Berklee Online since early 2012. I’m the founder and publisher of The Coyle Report which is a music marketing mailing list.  I'm also a freelance consultant focusing mostly on digital strategy. In plain English: I build websites for artists, help devise direct-to-fan campaign strategies, fine-tune mailing list strategies, and help optimize artists' online presences.  

I also am Digital Geek for my brother Jay Coyle at his artist services firm Music Geek Services.  

I received my first taste of the music business over 30 years ago playing in a regularly gigging band in high school.  Between then and now I've worn a lot of different hats both inside and outside the music industry.  I spent a few years at a big campus record store during the transition from vinyl to cassette and CD. Oh, the '80's. Nothing like having to stock three physical formats of all the popular albums of the day. I've even played bass on a cruise ship a few times.  Nothing like having to worry about keeping your balance *and* remembering your parts.  More recently I have been running direct-to-fan campaigns and managing online assets for artists of various levels. 

The key to getting the most out of this course will be your active participation.  Not only does active participation in the assignments, discussions and weekly chats impact your grade for this course, but asking questions, contributing feedback and putting in your ideas allows you to learn from my comments and also from one another. 

You are encouraged to create your own threads in the Class Forum discussion board with any questions, comments, and concerns regarding the material and class.  Also, feel free to use the Class Forum to post any info (links to articles, sites, videos, etc) that you feel is relevant to the course and would be useful to other students.  While the course is filled with great content, I find that sharing our own discoveries of what is going on out in the real world will make the course even more interesting and relevant. 

During first week's lesson, we'll all have an opportunity to get to know each other through a 'Meet and Greet'.  Please be as detailed as you can and please take the time to read the postings of your classmates.  While you can expect to learn a lot from the course content, by interacting with each other, the course content will become so much more valuable. 

Another important part of the online learning environment is our weekly office hours video chat. This is our opportunity to collectively get together in real-time to discuss the week’s lesson, exchange ideas, and get to know each other better. I’ll let you know about our first chat, soon. 

Chandler Coyle